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What locations do you work in?

Yoghurt Creative is based in Colchester Essex, but we provide services to businesses in Essex and surrounding counties. Please note travel expenses will be invoiced on top of services we provide at locations over 40 miles from Colchester.

Please note: Shoots in London will incur further expenses for bookings due to travel costs, time and logistics of getting to the city.

Are we able to shoot at your studio?

We have our very own office and studio space we like to call ‘The Yoghurt Pot’ where we are happy to shoot client videos independently or with the client at our premises; free of charge.

Our studio is suitable for smaller productions like product videos, how- to videos and interview videos.

For bigger productions you may need to book a different studio space if you don’t have a suitable premises.

Please note the rental of external studios will be added on top of your service cost.

How many locations can we shoot at per video?

Each video shoot should be held at one chosen location, however if more than one location is desired we can do this if the other location/s are close by; or with an additional charge where longer journeys between locations are made. This will be discussed in pre-production to make you aware beforehand.

How long are the videos you create?

We have a variety of packages but we generally create videos up to no more than 3 minutes long, because here at Yoghurt Creative we specialise in bitesize content.

In the modern world, people flicking through their phones and watching videos, tend to not watch anything for very long, so getting short, snappy, or as we would say ‘snackable’ content is the best way for our clients to push their message to the end consumer and get the best return on investment!

We will however in particular circumstances, create videos longer in length if it is vital for the piece to work!

Please note you will need to book a full day shoot in order to film a longer form video with us, which will come at an additional fee.

Are there any fees for london shoots?

Due to it being a more tricky location for us to attend with our kit and longer travel times; we do require an additional fee of £150+VAT on any of our video packages. This covers the extra time its takes us to travel, our travel expenses; as well as any road charges or parking fees. This will all be confirmed at the quote stage of a job, so that the client is aware before booking.

What is the turnaround time for video content?

We aim to get your first video edit to you within 10 working days. We like to take a good amount of time to really refine your video, however we can work to shorter deadlines when needed.

Further edits depend on the amount of amendments requested but we aim to get them completed as quickly as possible!

What happens if I want to make changes to my video?

You can make up to 3 changes to your video content in the editing stage. We will submit a first edit to you based on everything discussed at the pre-production meeting, and from there you can make 3 rounds of amendments to really refine your video!

How am I sent the video files?

We send you video content to view on Vimeo during the editing stages. Once you have signed off the content with us we will send you a private link where you can download the content. We can give full support on how to download the videos we send to you.

Can I have videos on a retainer basis when purchasing multipacks?

We understand that sometimes businesses will have months where they are particularly busy and may not have time to fit in their shoot that month, therefore we are happy to work on a retainer basis in these circumstances. This means if you want to carry over videos to the next month, we are happy to do so. Please note all videos must however be created within the six months contract.

What are Video Toppings?

Our video toppings are special add-on services. These include items you can purchase to add on to your new video content, to make it extra effective when promoting it to your audience.

What are the Video Multipacks?

Our video multipacks are a monthly video service where you can receive fresh videos every month for six months at a reduced rate; to use for your business marketing.

How do you plan content with clients?

We hold content planning meetings wherever you find most convenient; from your premises, to a local coffee shop or at our studio.

We have a relaxed conversation about your goals for the video and some initial ideas for the content; for us to go away and work on the brief.

For multi-pack video bookings, we schedule two of these meetings in the six month period. One at the beginning and one mid-way through, to discuss content for each month ahead of time so that we can be as organised and prepared as possible; and you can get some really great content!

I’m not too sure what to say in my video, are you able to help?

We know if can be a little alien to talk in front of a camera, so our team will help you to plan and execute what you want to be said within the video; to clearly get your message and branding across to the audience. We have some methods we can share to make this as easy as possible, and we are both friendly, chatty and relaxed so we will make you feel right at home.

What video do you suggest is most beneficial for business?

We highlight brand videos, promo videos, product videos and location videos as being the most popular choices, from experience.

There are real benefits to all video content and it’s beneficial to dabble with a few!

Every business is unique and so different videos will be more suitable to different businesses; and we can help you with this decision if needed!

Check out our Videos page where we run through different videos you can create, and how they can benefit your business.

Who has the rights to my video content?

Yoghurt Creative retains the copyright for the video content we produce, however our clients are also given exclusive licensing rights to use the video content for their own business use.

This means no third party will be given the video files; and we will wait until the client has pushed their video content live, before we use it for our marketing.

For more clarity and peace of mind on ownership of copyright and licensing rights as described above, please check out this helpful article:


How does payment work for the monthly multipacks?

Payment for our multipacks are due on a monthly basis, totalling 6 payments. We will ask for a booking deposit of 50% of one months content, and this will then be deducted from your final months invoice.

We will release a monthly invoice when your new content for that month has been signed off.

Where do you store the video files?

We keep your files safe by storing them online, so that should you lose your footage or decide to renew an edit in the future; we can assist you.

Have any more questions?

We’re friendly here, drop us an email. We would love to chat!

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