Add-on services to enhance your new video!



Includes one animated logo file to use on your videos with us!

£300+ VAT

What's Included?

An animated logo is the perfect detail to add to your video.

We will take your existing logo and bring it to life with some creative animation.

Why not change your logo animation to suit seasons and occasions!

[See Examples]

  • One animated logo file
  • Full professional animation cohesive with your branding
  • One free revision to get your logo animation just right!
  • Logo animation stored by us for 3 years to use on any future video content you shoot with us
  • Licensing rights



Includes one new video edit, reusing your old footage filmed by us

Price dependant on project

What's Included?

Recycle your existing video content to create something new such as a Youtube intro, Instagram advert, Facebook header and much more!

  • A content planning meeting
  • Full professional edit including colour correction, text graphics, branding, colour grade and sound mix in edit suite
  • Two free edit revisions to get your video just right!
  • Licensing rights



Includes full subtitles on one video produced with us

£40+VAT per minute

What's Included?

Make your video accessible for everyone!

Add subtitles to your video to make it inclusive for viewers with hearing impairments. Your audience can also watch without sound while on the go!

This is proven to increase the views your video will receive.

[See Examples]

  • Subtitle text throughout the full video play, for clear communication of speech



Includes one video thumbnail design 

£40+ VAT

What's Included?

First impressions count!

Get a creative thumbnail designed to ensure your video looks presentable on a website while the video is not playing; or to make your social media feed looks more professional to scroll through.

  • One video thumbnail
  • Professional design

want to add some flavour to your video?

We like the way you think!

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